Parents Handbook

Celebrating 25 Years

The Growing Tree @ Saint Marks is a private preschool program for ages 2-5 that is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. Conveniently located on Rt. 68, 18311 Lappans Rd. at St. Marks Episcopal Church.


We believe that early childhood education is a crucial period in the cumulative development of the child. It is in these early years that the child is most eager and receptive to learning experiences.

We believe that childhood should be preserved, not just enriched. This is an important responsibility for all of us. Listening to our children and hearing what they have to say about their interests is the key to effective teaching.

We provide an appropriate balance of structure and self initiated activities.

The Growing Tree provides experiences that will meet the following goals or objectives:

• Teach to the child’s interests
• Provide an informal learning environment
• Provide small group experiences
• Help the child develop a good self-image and self discipline
• Provide many opportunities for the child to feel successful
• Help the child to relate to his peer group and the adults around him/her
• Develop positive attitudes about school and learning situations, and an eagerness to face new experiences
• Provide many opportunities for learning and strengthening basic skills important to development of the whole child according to his/her needs
•Provide a creative learning environment
•Encourage parent involvement in the child’s learning
•Help the child to acquire factual information, and develop the capacity to conceptualize.
• Help child to find pleasure in the process as well as in the product.
•Develop the desire to try, the courage to fail, and the persistence to continue their effort.

The Growing Tree has been accredited with the Maryland State Board of Education since 1989


The Growing Tree was granted permission to use the pre-kindergarden curriculum used in Washing County Public Schools. We continue to update our curriculum so that our students are well prepared for kindergarten.


Class sizes are kept small to insure your child get individual attention.


9:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M.
We ask that you bring your child no earlier than 8:55 A.M. and that you be prompt in picking up your child at 12:00 P.M.



Field trips are opportunities for parents and children to be involved in an extension of the learning experience.

The Christmas Program (date to be announced) is held on a school morning. All parents and relatives are welcome to attend.


Annual registration fee: $10.00

The school year begins the day after Labor Day.

Tuition is due by the 5th day of each month.
2 days/week – monthly payment of $121.00 including snack fee
3 days/week – monthly payment of $178 including snack fee
1 day/week – monthly payment of $66.00 including snack fee




For information on the Growing Tree @ Saint Marks weather-related closings or schedule changes, check out our Facebook Page.

If the public schools announce
2 hour delay – we will open at 10:00 and will close at 12noon
Public schools closed due to bad weather – we will close also

Although we are asking that you pay for snow days we will try to reschedule your child for make-up days for any days that he/she missed due to bad weather. We are scheduling 3 snow days into the schedule that are NOT days that will be made up. Any chance in this policy will be given in writing to each parent.



Download the Parent Handbook Here

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